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--- "To Love, Not to Be Loved, is the Key!" (Stabilo, “Ordinary”)

I am a Musician, an Audio/Lighting/Video Technician, a Composer and Songwriter, and a Web-Artist.  I long to be creative, to inspire others, and to make the world around me a better place! 

Positive energy is my focus.  I believe: “Anything is Possible”, “There are No Coincidences”, and “The Words You Speak Really Do Matter”!   ("...'tis the set of your sail, and not the gail, that determines the way you go.")

My Goal is to work professionally in the Music/Entertainment industry alongside the highest caliber of creative minds and talent.  To utilize my education, business experience, and audio/video/musical skills.  To learn and grow as a person and as an artist.  To do my best in every circumstance!

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